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New to Yoga

I am new to yoga, how do I start?

The best way to start learning Ashtanga yoga is to show upin class. Mysore casses are the best setting for any newbie in yoga as you will be instructed according to your ability which means itwill be safe and easy enough, although challenging.

How will I practice in a Mysore class since I do not know the sequence?

Do not worry, there's a teacher that's working with you! You do not have to know everything in advance. You will be orally instructed and/or shown what to do. Just show up.

I can't remeber what to do, I need to look at an instructor to follow?

Well, until you watch somebody else and try to follow, you will never remember and be independent! That is why in Ashtanga the teacherrarely demonstrates - you need to build a feeling of what you are doing instead of wasting your attention on something outside of you. But if you need to, you will be shown what t do as many times as it takes you to start being independent.

Mysore class

What is Mysore?

Mysore is a city in the south of Indiq, where the K. Pttabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Reasearch Institute is located. That is where Kishnamacharya also lived. "Mysore class" stands for the way students are taught in the shala in Mysore - that is to say - the normal, traditional wayof studying yoga - on a one-to-one basis, with an individual approach even though in a crowded room. That is the way yoga has been taught for ages since every person comes with his/her own predispositions, habits, skilss, etc. So,Mysore is a type of class where the teaches is not guidingthe class with general instructions, but works with you individually and the goal being you becoming independent and developing a personal practice.

What is personall practice?

It is a practice that suits your need and skills at the moment. It honors your creativity and ways of expression and nobody's else. But it is also a practice that you take responsibility for. What yougive is what you take.

Can I come to a Mysore class if I have never done yoga or Ashtanga before?

Of course you can! Actually, that is the best way to be introduced to yoga!

The practice

Should I change my way of living to start doing yoga?

Yes and no. Honestly, you don't have to do anything in advance to start doing yoga except showing up for practice. If you don't start on your journey, you will never get where you want. But our habits - and way of living - are something that doesn't change easily nor willingly. Forcing anything will have negatice results. Just do your best and do not think of it much - as long as you practice regularly, all will come.

Are there any contraindications to practicing yoga?

No. But if you have any injuries or serious deseases, you should consult your doctor to be on the safe side. Still, we need to know of any medical conditions that you might have as high blood pressure, depression, hernia, etc. Yoga cannot injure you, but it can and should be modified to suit your current limitations and needs.

How often should I practice?

Every day with the exception of rest days (ladies' too) and Moon days. If it sounds daunting, start with 2-3 times a week but do those 2-3 times consistently...Then it will naturally come to be more...

What does it mean to be "established" in asana or to master an asana?

"Established" in anything means to understand what its purpose is. When applied to asana, it certainly doesn't mean your physical abilities but knowing what it is all about. Wheather you are gifted ot stiff, if you feel the intention of your efforts, can control them and are happy with whatever form that takes - well, you do understand asana. Establishing yourself in asana is the simple realization that asana and its challenges or joys, as well as your body, are just tools on your way to somewhere else.





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