Ashtanga Yoga Sofia is the only official shala of the Bulgarian Ashtanga Yoga Academy and the only place in Bulgaria where you can practice and study authentic Ashtanga yoga in the lineage of its founder Pattabhi Jois .

Ashtanga yoga is becoming more and more popular in Bugaria and many start teaching it without dedicating the time and sweat to understand the teachings of this beautiful method. Here, at Ashtanga Yoga Sofia, we believe in following the tradition and methods as outlined by our teachers. We have chosen to be honest on and off the mat, as well as in life and we teach with great respect to our lineage and with passion to the practice itself. We strive to keep the tradition as pure as possible and to transmit authentic knowledge received directly from the source.


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phone: + (359) 087 582357

64 Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi blvd.

(between Orlov most and Military Academy)

Take the subway to Sofia University Station and walk 5 min towards Orlov most

email: yogashala@abv.bg

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irina Bachvarova is the founder of Bulgarian shtanga Yoga Academyas well as the first ashtanga yoga shala in Bulgaria (run today by students of hers) and Ashtanga Yoga Practice Place in Sofia. Irina practices Ashtanga yoga regularly since 2003 when she met David Swenson who became her first Ashtanga yoga teacher. In 2013 Irina takes on David Swenson's Teacher Training course and since 2015 she studies seriously with Manju Jois and David Robson.  

Irina leads a traditional Mysore program at her shala and runs the only Ashtanga TT course in Bulgaria with serious accent on yoga anatomy, alignment and the link between the bdy and the philosophy of yoga. Irina's dedication and passion for Ashtanga has helpedhundreds to embrace the tradition and to go deeper in their studies of the science of yoga. Irina's mission is to make Ashtanga more accessible for everyone and to dispell the myths surrounding this yoga system. Irina is the authr of several books on Ashtanga yoga and its methology as well as numerous articles that you can access in her blog. She is famous for her meticulous understanding of body alignment and movement, as well as the creative way  that she describes the ways in which philosophy plays and expresses itself through the human body.

with David Robson

with Maju Jois

with Kino Macgregor

with David Swenson

with David Garrigues

TT with DS in London

TT with Manju in Athens





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Ashtanga Yoga Bulgaria

гр. София

бул. "Сливница" 206

тел: 0876 582357

email: yogashala@abv.bg

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гр. София, бул. "Сливница" 206, 1-и етаж ; тел: + (359) 876 582357 ; email: yogashala@abv.bg